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    Hello Members of Trinity, So threw the last few weeks things have been slow at Trinity Roleplay but big changes are coming. We have gotten new custom framework with many new features that will bring realism to our community as we know it. There are so many new things this framework brings that others don’t have. Like an active cop database that never goes away so you go to jail your known as a criminal for life. License plate system for cops to be able to look up a persons info via the registration, a custom warrant system for cops to place a BOLO on wanted suspects that will stay even after a server restart. I bet many are wondering are we keeping the current map Yes our new map is not the official trinity map. One of our new Creator John Doe has extensive experience in map editing and making plans for the new map are Kelleys Island but heavily changed we plan on changing out from all the old Arma 3 default buildings and putting in our own custom buildings. In closing, we will be using the current map Long Creek County until our new one is done which can take several weeks. Server IP: arma.trinitya3l.org Port: 2302 Our Mod pack: ftp://repo.trinitya3l.org/.a3s/autoconfig Kind Regards Josh Hawk General Secretary