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Cody Fox

Official Trinity Rules

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Rules are subject to change at any moment. Please make sure you stay up to date with all of the rule changes.


All Rules in Yellow have amended rules.




Required Age Limit is 15, no exceptions.




Trinity RolePlay 2018 -Present


We want Trinity Roleplay to be a safe place and a fun place


to play with. These rules are pretty much common sense. Please note that we


take these rules very seriously and how we perform them.


Section #1


1. Anyone that releases anyone’s personal information is subject to a perm ban

2. We really want the community to be a safe place so for those who have to threaten a user, can and will receive a Perm Ban -  on their account. In some cases, may be reported.

3. Things that include harassment, invading user privacy, intimidation, stalking and revealing.

4.  Cyberbullying is a very serious problem in the modern world. Anyone found participating in any acts that can be categorized as cyberbullying will be terminated from the community immediately

5. The Allowed age into the community is 15 which means they who are 15 are under the legal age to view pornographic content. This community will not accept any pornographic content in the community whatsoever.


Section #2


1.You must be at least 15 years of age.

2.You must own a legal copy of Arma 3

3.You must have a First and Last name that matches your forum profile.

4.Harassment, abuse or disrespect to any member of this community is unacceptable.

5.Hacking, duping or scripting will result in a permanent ban, no questions asked...

6.Excessive immaturity will result in removal from the community.

7.No references to racism, homophobic topics, religion or otherwise controversial topics.

8.No rape RP or sexual harassment, this will result in a permanent ban.

9. A valid RP name is required, no blatant celebrity names or fantasy names.

10.Senior Admin and higher decisions are FINAL. You may appeal bans if the banning admin allows.

11.English must be used at all times.

12.You must have a clear working microphone.


Generally, an unrealistic behavior is strictly prohibited – use of common sense is encouraged.


Section #3


  1. Using a vehicle in order to bait law enforcement officers to chase you is strictly prohibited unless there is further realistic role-play behind it.

  2. Failure to role-play any sort of crash that you would not necessarily be able to walk away from in reality is strictly prohibited.

  3. Stealing EMS personnel vehicles is strictly prohibited.

  4. While racing is not against the rules, constantly racing and doing so in ways deemed unrealistic may very well lead to punishment.


Section #4


  1. You may not join a DND channel without permission.

  2. Do not poke any member of staff in a DND channel.

  3. You must follow the Chain of Command.

  4. Do not idle in rooms which do not belong to you/your gang.

  5. All avatars must not contain nudity or offensive references.

  6. Hot mic, soundboards and voice spam is not permitted at any time.

  7. If the channel admins of a channel ask you to leave you must leave immediately.


Section #5


  1. Any disruption to gameplay or intentionally ruining the experience of others is not permitted.

  2. You must use your RP name registered on the forums at all times.

  3. When on foot no music is to be played out of your mic.

  4. All weapons must be real, visible and pose a direct threat, saying you have a weapon is not enough.

  5. All role-play must be initiated verbally, a text message is not a valid form of initiation unless it is in the form of hostage negotiations.

  6. You may initiate from a vehicle however it is your responsibility to ensure both parties can hear each other. If the other party does not hear you, you may be guilty of RDM or FailRP.

  7.   Every hostile action has to have a solid role-play reason behind it, you may not kill a compliant civilian or use a poor excuse to kill them.

  8. A traffic stop is not hostile initiation, during a traffic stop you may not interfere if you are not involved in the traffic stop. If the people being pulled overturn the situation into a hostile situation only rostered gang members may intervene.

  9. Combat logging of any type is not permitted. If you are downed you must either re-spawn when the timer is finished or wait to be revived by an EMS.

  10. You may not pull any weapons/items/clothing etc from a locked vehicle.

  11. You must value your life AT ALL TIMES. You may never tell someone just to kill you because you do not want to deal with the situation (exceptions: Singing)

  12. 3 Sheriff Officers must be online to rob a store.

  13. You may not force anyone to interact with their atm.

  14. You may not harm an EMS at any time nor may you steal their vehicles.

  15. You may not meta-game or use any outside information at any time, stream sniping and similar means of obtaining information will not be tolerated.

  16. All gunfights are considered finished once it has reached 5 minutes since the last gunshot from any party involved.

  17. Cannot engage in gunplay with police until a verbal initiation has been presented.

  18. Running around and trolling in high threat situations such as large shootouts, bank robberies, hostage situations and prison breaks that you are not involved in is considered failure to value life and fail role play.

  19. "Stop or die", "Stop the car" and similar variations of initiation are not considered a valid initiation or reason for deadly gunplay from the attackers. You may attempt to shoot out tires to disable the vehicle, however, if you kill the driver or persons in the car you will be held liable for RDM. (The attackers are taking the burden and risk of initiating the situation and receiving deadly force from the defenders. If the defenders use deadly force on the attackers, attackers may respond by using deadly force.)

  20. Cars traveling at speeds of 130 km or higher that have not been successfully stopped during an initiation are ineligible for gunplay. They are however eligible for chase and capture.

  21. You are not allowed bait PD or DoC areas.

  22. You are not allowed to use a taser unless you are playing as a police officer.

  23. RP scenarios and personas should be realistic and reflective of the RP area.

  24. The spamming of voice chat, text chat or any in-game entities or assets is strictly prohibited.

  25. Failure to role-play fear of death is strictly prohibited unless there is a reasonable and articulable reason not to.

  26. Exiting the server to avoid role-play or administrators is strictly prohibited.

  27. Returning to the scene of a role-play after death or arrest is strictly prohibited. A player must wait for the RP to finish before returning to the area, even if it is to "get your car" or something of the likes.


Green zones:

  1. A green zone is 20 meters around any ATM.

  2. No crime or player vs. player hostile activity may occur while in a green zone.

  3. Fleeing to a green zone to escape RP disables the green zone for both you and your attackers.

  4. You may not sit in a green zone and trash talk for the sole purpose of being protected, if you excessively trash talk or bait you will no longer be in the grace of the green zone.

  5. If a member of the Police Department detains a member of your gang in a green zone the green zone will no longer apply to your gang and your gang only (allies do not count).

  6. The parking lot at DOC will be a green zone unless you are conducting a prison break.


You can still use words that has a valid RP meaning in-game (Things that make sense)  [Ex, but not limited to: Government website(Just for info, not a threat), NAME is out of town, etc]

NLR (New Life Rule):

  1. If you hit the respawn button you must forget everything leading up to your death, your attackers, and any other details about the situation.

  2. If you are revived by EMS you may remember your attackers but you must stay in EMS custody until you are medically released. You may not engage your attackers. You may not re-enter an RP situation with your attackers for at least 10 minutes after you are released from EMS custody.

  3. You may not return to the scene or a 150m radius of your death for at least 15 minutes after revived or respawn.

  4. FOR ATTACKERS! This includes your group or gang. You may not initiate hostile RP with people you and your group have downed based on NLR for at least 10 minutes after the person is revived or respawns.



  1.   You must always have a solid roleplay reason for shooting someone, using your weapon without proper initiation is RDM and is a bannable offense.

  2. You may not run over or ram another player/vehicle unless they pose an immediate threat to your safety.


Bank Robbery:

  1. There must be at least 5 officers online to initiate a bank robbery.

  2. There must be at least 30 minutes left on the clock before a restart.

  3. You must declare snipers or outside shooters, all snipers and gunmen must have their weapons out at all times during the bank robbery. You may have scouts but any scouts must have no visible weapons and may not partake in gunplay or assist in gunplay after an attempted escape.

  4. Max amount of funds requested for hostage is 10k.




  1. You may initiate a Jailbreak by storming into the DOC with weapons out! (You must have the intention of a Jailbreak, you may not run into DOC with the only intention of taking hostages, ECT.) You must still use a hacking device to complete the operation.

  2. There must be at least 5 officers online to initiate a jailbreak.

  3. There must be at least 30 minutes left on the clock before a restart.

  4. Once you have freed the inmates(s) and are able to leave, you must leave the prison.


Store Robbery:

  1. You must have a gun out at all times until you leave the scene.

  2. You may not trigger the alarm and leave for the purpose of trolling, this is considered fail RP.

  3.      You may not have snipers present at a store robbery, however, you may set up around the store within 100m radius. Weapons must be visible at all times.



LEO Rules:


  1. Calling a panic may only consist of "PANIC" no other information may be relayed.

  2. You may not sell any LEO weapons period if you are caught you will automatically be blacklisted.

  3. High command meaning LT+ in any department cannot be corrupt under any circumstance. This Includes selling weapons.

  4. If you are downed in a gunfight you may not handle any of your attackers or give any information about the situation leading to you being downed.

  5. The Police Department is not permitted to use air transport or use put in jail function from anywhere aside from the prison parking lot.

  6. You are not allowed to take people out of enclosed vehicles or use a taser to shoot out tires of a vehicle.

  7. During a prison break, cops may not lock down the prison or close any doors in the prison with the exception of the main front gate during the prison break. Cops may only lock down the prison or close doors 2 minutes after the entire prison has been searched for suspects and the scene is code 4. THIS MEANS 2 MINUTES AFTER CODE 4 is called.


EMS Rules:


  1. EMS corruption is not allowed at any time. No criminal activity can be conducted while on duty as EMS.

  2. EMS must remain neutral at all times, this includes factions as well as personal feelings.

  3. You may only pronounce someone DOA if there is a valid RP reason behind it.

  4. If you choose to have an alternate life that name must be listed on your forum profile.

  5. When there are 1-2 EMS on duty and more than 6 players down at a scene, EMS can treat and release. Patients need to leave the immediate area.

  6. You may not revive people in an active gunfight.


Reporting & Ban Procedures:


  1. To make a report you must be directly involved in the situation. (Exceptions: exploiting and meta-gaming).

  2. The situation you are reporting must have taken place within 72 hours of the report.

  3. You may only comment on a report you are directly involved in.

  4. You must have decently clear video and audio recording.

  5. You must have video evidence with 2 minutes prior to the first contact included (exception: Combat log reports may be made with screenshots).

  6. You may not use other player’s media (twitch, youtube, etc) to report them unless hacking or RDM.

  7.  Spam reporting or abusing the report player section as a way to bully or single one person out will not be tolerated.

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