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Staff Team Structure

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Trinity's Staff team structure  

Here at Trinity  Life, we have created a staff structure that works. It allows for us to complete our job successfully and creates an environment that promotes effective work and good communication. This is necessary in order to ensure that you guys have the best experience whilst using our services!



Trinity Life is owned and managed by Leon. Also known as Directors, their task is to manage the operation as a whole: running development, financial management, and marketing.



Josh Hawk is responsible for map development along with keeping communications flowing between the development and leadership team. He also looks over All the staff team.



Jack is in charge of the staff team, he ensures that Trinity Life’s staff are all well trained and performing their tasks with a professional attitude and in the best interest of our members. He also works very closely with the Directors with regard to development.



Cameron Castle   is responsible for managing our chiefs commission and executive team. In liaison with the sub-directors, he ensures the community is operating in an efficient manner. The lead chief also works closely with our faction leadership team and performs system administration on our communication and social platforms.  



The Chief’s Commission acts as our general community managers. They are in charge of the everyday management of Trinty Life. They also work very closely with the Directors in ensuring good communication between them and the rest of Trinity Life  



The Executive  is our administrative team who works rigorously to ensure our community is enjoying their time within the server, and on our other platforms, without worrying about violators to the rules and regulations. Executives also assist customers with advanced issues- such as compensation requests and player reports.




The Support Staff Team on Trinity Life Life acts as the outer shell of the staff team. While they are the lowest rank, they perform some of the most important duties. They are the first face any prospective members of the community may run into. They review applications, give general assistance with any issues users within the community itself may have, perform member inductions to bring people into the community fully, and answer questions from prospective members


Creators are all very special to us. They are the ones that are responsible for the development of Trinity Life (along with the directors).

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